Opinion - Daily Express - 2015-03-11 13:29:19.

James Bond cast film Spectre car chase along the edge of Rome's Tiber River

JUST hours after announcing Spectre's latest Bond Girl, the cast and crew took to the streets of Rome to film a thrilling, high-speed car chase.


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Opinion - Belfast Telegraph - 2015-03-11 05:09:16.

Koran has violent passages, but it also has others that explicitly tells us how to interpret them â€" and it's bad news for critics of Islam

Isis has sharpened many people's sense of paranoia towards Islam. The majority of Muslims have a peaceful reading of the Koran, but as Isis commits more and more atrocities, the argument that the Koran equally invites a violent interpretation of its teachings has begun to gain ground.


Opinion - Belfast Telegraph.

Charlie Hebdo tragedy and the way forward: weapons and aggression can never serve as a means for settling differences of opinion

January's horrendous and barbaric attack that occurred at the offices of the Charlie Hebdo magazine was vicious and inhumane as was the subsequent attack at a Paris kosher shop two days later.


Opinion - Belfast Telegraph.

Lampard has a point, to be Frank

It would be easy to knock Frank Lampard as a Neanderthal Man lumbering out of the dark woods, blinking against the bright lights of women's equality. Does he really deserve praise for setting himself apart from the "pig-headed" dads and husbands of the world, who leave the household chores and parental responsibilities to the women in their lives?


Opinion - Belfast Telegraph.

It's a rotten society that extols gunmen and spurns victims

What do you do when the boot's on the other foot? This being Northern Ireland, it seems that the accepted custom is to kick your opponent in the symbols.

Opinion - Belfast Telegraph.

Why all those predictions about death of the family were so wrong

Fifty years ago, in 1965, the most fashionable, the most avant-garde thinkers were confidently predicting "the death of the family". That, indeed, was the title of an iconic book by the psychiatrist David Cooper, and it was hugely influential. One of Cooper's supporters and associates was the maverick writer and fellow shrink RD Laing, a charismatic figure in medicine and society. He advocated the use of psychedelic drugs for "enlightenment" (Edna O'Brien has written about her experimental use of LSD with Laing).



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