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Can you find Earth's hidden alphabet? Project needs people to hunt for letters on our planet using satellite images

The project was set up by German designer Benedikt Groß and geographer Joey Lee. The Aerial Bold tool lets people scour Mapbox images to find letters, numbers and characters in the landscape.


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Others - Daily Mail - 2015-03-11 13:49:13.

Would you ride the SBYKE? Daft bike-scooter-skateboard hybrid lets kids - and adults - 'ski' down the road

Two Californian inventors have come up with a new type of transport. The Sbyke (shown) is a mix of a bike, scooter and a skateboard. A smaller version costs £99.95 and a bigger version is £159.95.


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Facebook slammed after advertising funeral directors to a CANCER patient: Promotions appeared after sufferer Googled disease

Austrian consultant Daniel Kapp, 46, was diagnosed with prostate cancer last month and was shocked when Facebook began showing him 'insensitive' adverts (pictured) that he couldn't remove.


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How much has Apple lost since iTunes has been down? Customers unable to purchase songs and apps may have cost the company millions

Frustrated App Store and iTunes users have taken to Twitter to complain they are currently unable to download songs and apps from Apple's sites.


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Redundancy can make you less trusting for a decade, study claims 

The study was carried out by the University of Manchester. They found being made redundant (stock image shown) made people less willing to trust others, even many years later.

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Is Vincent Van Gogh's Sunflowers at risk of fading away?

Scientists at the University of Antwerp found that red lead pigment used by Vincent van Gogh has been fading as a rare lead-based mineral as formed in the paint and reacts with carbon dioxide in the air.



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